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Applying to the Program

Courses and Lecture Sections
We have resources for students in all lectures of Chemistry 103, Chemistry 104, and Chemistry 108 and we provide support in some lecture sections of Chemistry 343 and Chemistry 345.

During spring 2020 we are working with Chemistry 103 (lectures 1 and 2, Nathanson and Schmidt), Chemistry 104 (lecture 1, Hooker; lecture 2, Alvarez-Garcia; lecture 3, Lamont; lecture 4, Block; lecture 5, Gustin; lecture 6, Wallen), Chemistry 108 (lecture 1, Hooker), Chemistry 343 (lecture 3, Blackwell), and Chemistry 345 (lecture 6, Bowman).

Unfortunately because of limited resources, we are not supporting Chemistry 116 (lecture 1, Woods), Chemistry 343 (lecture 1, Bowman; lecture 2, Beemelmanns), and Chemistry 345 (lecture 1, Martell; lecture 2, Stowe; lecture 3, Buller; lecture 4, Stahl; lecture 5, Esselman). We also do not have resources for other advanced chemistry courses or labs (e.g., inorganic, analytical, or physical chemistry, e.g., Chem 311, 327, 329, 344, 346, 511, 547, 561, 562, etc.).

We welcome as many students as we can, but do not have resources to assist all students. Though it is helpful to apply early, our program does not function on a first-come first-serve basis. Program eligibility is usually determined by an interview with a staff member. (more on our mission...)

How to Apply
Most students apply to the program by dropping by (Room B311 of the Chemistry Building) without an appointment between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Feel free to give us a call (608-265-5497) beforehand if you wish to make sure the staff member working in your lecture section will be around when you come by. You can also complete the paperwork even if that staff member isn't around - he/she will contact you shortly thereafter.

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