Organosilicon Chemistry
   1. "Softer" Organometallic Reagents
   2. Organosilicon Chemistry
   3. Silicon in Organic Synthesis
   4. Silicon-Based Protecting Groups
   5. "Fat Proton" Reagents
   6. The Peterson Olefination
   7. β-Elimination of Me3Si and X Groups
   8. Brook Rearrangement
   9. C-Si groups as C-OH group precursors.
  10. Enol Silyl Ethers
  11. C-Si Bonds as Carbanion Equivalents
  12. Fluoride Cleavage of Silanes
  13. Electrophilic Substitution of Vinyl Silanes
  14. Electrophilic Substitution of Alkynyl Silanes
  15. Allyl-Metal Species: Structure and Dynamics
  16. Stereochemistry of Allyl-M Reactions
  17. Electrophilic allylsilanes
  18. Silyl Hydride Reductions

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