Sulfur and Selenium Chemistry
   1. Sulfur and Selenium Nomenclature
   2. Sulfur and Selenium in Organic Synthesis
   3. Sulfoxide and Selenoxide syn-Eliminations
   4. Conversion of Epoxides to Allyl Alcohols
   5. Electrophilic Addition to Olefins
   6. Radical Substitution
   7. Introduction of S and Se Functions as Appendages
   8. The Pummerer Reaction
   9. Moffat, Swern Oxidation
  10. Reductive Elimination of b-Hydroxy Selenides
  11. Sigmatropic Rearrangements
  12. Sulfoxide-Sulfenate Rearrangements
  13. Ramberg-Bäklund Rearrangement

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