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Hans J. Reich

Hans J. Reich

Organic and organometallic chemistry
Organolithium structure and reactivity
NMR Spectroscopy

1101 University Avenue
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706, USA
  Tel: (608) 262-5794 Fax: (608)262-0381  

Recent Papers

Full Publications List · Most cited paper (JACS 1975, 97, 5434)


1960 - 1964  B. Sc. with Prof. Karl Kopecky at University of Alberta - Edmonton 

1964 - 1968  Ph. D. with Prof. D. J. Cram, UCLA 

1968 - 1969 Postdoc with Prof. J. D. Roberts, California Institute of Technology  

1969 - 1970  Postdoc with Prof. R. B. Woodward Harvard University 

1970- Professor of Chemistry - University of Wisconsin, Madison

1979 Visiting Professor University in Marburg, Germany  with Prof. Reinhard Hoffmann
1987 Visiting Professor University of Strasbourg, France with Prof. Francois Biellmann  
1997 Visiting Professor University of Alicante, Spain  with Prof. Miguel Yus

Programming:PLT; DNMR
Scuba Diving
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