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Named Rules and Effects in Organic Chemistry -
   1. Baldwin Rules for Ring Closure
   2. Bredt's Rule
   3. Burgi-Dunitz Trajectory
   4. Cieplak Model for Nucleophilic Addition to Double Bonds
   5. Cornforth Model for Asymmetric Induction
   6. Cram-Chelation Model for Nucleophilic Addition to α-Chiral Aldehydes.
   7. Curtin-Hammett Principle
   8. Fürst-Plattner Rule (Trans Diaxial Effect)
   9. Felkin Model for Stereochemistry of Nucleophilic Addition to Cyclohexanone
  10. Felkin-Anh Model for Non-Chelated Aldehydes
  11. Hammond's Postulate
  12. Henbest Effect
  13. Markovnikov's Rule.
  14. Stork-Eschenmoser Hypothesis
  15. Thorpe-Ingold Effect (Gem Dimethyl Effect)
  16. Woodward's Rules for Conj. Carbonyls UV-Vis
  17. Woodward-Fieser Rules for Dienes UV-Vis Absorption Maxima
  18. Zimmerman-Traxler Transition State for Aldol Condensation

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