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Shifts: C-13, F-19, P-31, Se-77
Coupling: J(HH), J(CH)
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Proton Chemical Shifts -
  -Reference Abbreviations
  -Shift Table 1: δ -10 to 2
  -Shift Table 2: δ 2 to 6
  -Shift Table 3: δ 6 to 10
  -Shift Table 4: δ 10 to 20
  Acetylene tables (X-C≡C-H)
  Acetylene tables (X-C≡C-Me)
  Acetylene tables (X-CH2-C≡C-CH3)
  Acetylene tables (X-CH2-C≡C-H)
  Alkene, 1,1-Disubstituted
  Alkene, cis-Disubstituted
  Alkene, trans-Disubstituted
  Alkene, Monosubstituted (C-Li)
  Alkene, Monosubstituted (F-N)
  Alkene, Substituent Effects
  Alkene, Vinyl Halide
  Allene Oxide
  Amine, N-Hydroxy
  Amino Acid
  Aromatic, Benzenoid
  Aromatic, Larger rings
  Benzene - Substituent Effects
  Bunte Salts
  Carboxylic Acid
  Carboxylic Acid Halides
  Carboxylic Amides
  Carboxylic Anhydride
  Carboxylic Ester
  Carboxylic Ester, di
  Carboxylic Imides
  Carboxylic Thioester
  Crown ethers
  Cyclobutane, Heterocycles
  Cycloheptane, Heterocycles
  Cyclohexane, Heterocycles
  Cyclopentane, Heterocycles
  Cyclopropane, Heterocycles
  Cyclopropane, methylene
  Cyclopropane, monosubstituted
  Cyclopropane, trisubstituted
  Diazene oxide
  Diene, 2-Substituted
  Enoate Ester
  Enoic Acid
  Enoic Amide
  Enol Phosphate
  Enone (cont)
  Grignard Reagents
  Halides, Poly
  Halonium ions
  Ketene Acetals
  Ketoester, Beta
  Ketone, Di
  Ketone, Halo
  Ketone, Hydroxy
  Meisenheimer Salts
  Methyl Shifts (C, Si, Ge, Sn, Met)
  Methyl Shifts (Halg, O, N )
  Naphthalene, polysubstituted
  Nitrate Ester
  Nitronic ester
  Ortho Ester
  Ortho Thioester
  Oxonium Ions
  Perbromate Ester
  Perchlorate Ester
  Phosphine Borane
  Phosphine Oxide
  Phosphine Sulfide
  Phosphonium Ylide
  Protecting Groups
  Silyl ether
  Sugars (furanose)
  Sugars (pyranose)
  Sulfinic Acid
  Sulfonate, thio
  Sulfonyl Halide
  Thioaldehyde S-oxide
  Thiocarboxylic Acid
  Vinyl Groups
  Xylylene, ortho-

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