Download PLT for Windows

PLT is Free Shareware.
You should register your copy, but there is no charge.

Downloading and installing WINPLT on Windows7 and later Versions

Microsoft has made changes in Windows 7 and 10 that no longer allow the current WINPLT installation programs to function, Until this problem is resolved, you can install WINPLT manually as follows (this will, of course, also work for earlier versions of Windows if you prefer a hands-on installation): In another mean-spirited move Microsoft has decided that it will no longer support the WinHelp files used by WINPLT. You can install the needed support files for Windows up to 8 by following the directions in this link. Even more mean-spirited, Windows hlp files are no longer supported at all in Windows 10. Here is a Word.doc file that provides most of the functionality of the help file PLT71-Help-WORD.docx (it is a work in progress).

Downloading and installing WINPLT for WIN-XP and earlier versions

This version of PLT may be distributed freely, but may not be sold except as authorized by Rylaz Products.

Download the file with the "Save to disk" option in your WWW browser into a temporary folder, and unzip it. It contains two files, a README.TXT file and PLT71SETUP.EXE, a self-installing executable. To install WINPLT v7.1 on your system double-click on the file PLT71SETUP.EXE in Windows Explorer and follow the prompts (the installation is completely reversible with UNINSTALL).

The installation can be run in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish (PLT itself uses English only).

PLTSETUP will do the following:

Registering WINPLT

Send an email to requesting a password. Please provide your name and affiliation.
PLT is fully functional without a password, except that a nag screen might apear, and "Unregistered" text might be added to exported drawings.