Exporting Spectra

WinDNMR can copy NMR spectra or simulations to the Windows Clipboard for use by other programs. Select the Clipboard Winmetafile item in the Export menu to place a Windows Metafile image in the Clipboard. This image can then be pasted into word processing programs (such as MS Word or WordPerfect), or other graphics and page design programs which accept WMF images (usually with the keystroke <c-V>). The appearance of the clipboard image can be controlled by making appropriate changes in the Printer Setup dialog. For example, the simulation parameters, frequency list, frequency markers and other items can be included in the metafile.

Spectra and associated data can also be exported as GIF, BMP or EPS files for incorporation into other programs. Select the appropriate entry in the Export menu.

If you wish to use the spectrum data with your own favorite plotting program, it can be copied to the clipboard as a tab/carriage return-linefeed delimited table (frequency [TAB] Intensity for each point) suitable for pasting into a spreadsheet like microsoft Excell or a plotting program. If you are doing line fiiting, both the simulation and the spectral data (as well as difference spectrum, if active) will be copied to the clipboard.

Select the Copy PLT drawing to Clipboard item in the Export menu to place a copy of a PLT drawing in the clipboard, which can be copied into the chemical drawing program "PLT" for further editing or addition of other graphics material. For examples of some graphics images produced with PLT using NMR spectra generated by WINDNMR see: AB, AB2, ABX, ABX3, AA'XX'.