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TitlePLASTIQUE: a synchrotron radiation beamline for time resolved fluorescence in the frequency domain
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsGilbert, PUPA, Zema, N, Antonangeli, F, Savoia, A, Parasassi, T, Rosato, N
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
ISBN Number0034-6748
Accession Number1991:437057
KeywordsAccelerators (storage rings, synchrotron radiation beam line of, for time resolved fluorescence in frequency domain), Fluorescence (in frequency domain, synchrotron radiation beamline for), Molecular dynamics (synchrotron radiation beam line for time resolved fluorescence in frequency domain for), synchrotron radation beamline time resolved fluorescence, Synchrotron radiation (beam line, for time resolved fluorescence in frequency domain)

PLASTIQUE is the only synchrotron radiation beamline in the world that performs time resolved fluorescence expts. in frequency domain. These expts. are extremely valuable sources of information on the structure and dynamics of mols. The beamline and some initial data are discussed. [on SciFinder(R)]