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Name E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Group Affiliation
Akana, Michelle makana@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234‬ Weix Group
Alherech, Manar malherech@chem.wisc.edu 6129 608-265-8216 Stahl Group
Andrews, Mary mandrews7@wisc.edu 1731 8165007405 Gellman Group
Blaszczyk, Stephanie sblaszczyk@wisc.edu 7224 Rennebohn Hall Tang Group
Cahoon, Samuel scahoon@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Chapman, Steven schapman5@wisc.edu 5313 608-890-0796 Yoon Group
Chen, Si-Jie schen522@wisc.edu 6131 Stahl Group
Corbin, Joshua corbin2@wisc.edu 8128 Schomaker Group
Deglopper, Kimberly kdeglopper@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Dong, Xiao xdong46@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Enny, Daniel enny2@wisc.edu Weix Group
Eshon, Josephine jeshon@wisc.edu 8116 713-469-8391 Schomaker Group
Garcia, Kevin kjgarcia@wisc.edu 7363 Weix Group
Girvin, Zebediah zgirvin@wisc.edu 7131 Gellman Group
Gravatt, Christopher gravatt@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Greenhalgh, Elizabeth egreenhalgh@wisc.edu Brunold Group
Ju, Minsoo mju@chem.wisc.edu 8122 608-890-3602 Schomaker Group
Kidd, Jesse jkidd3@wisc.edu 6373 Yoon Group
Kim, Seoyoung skim676@wisc.edu Weix Group
Kleman, Adam kleman2@wisc.edu 7131 920-428-2159 Gellman Group
Kougias, Samuel skougias@chem.wisc.edu 6122 608-265-8193 McMahon Group
Kozack, Caitlin kozack@wisc.edu 6122 608-265-8193 Stahl Group
Lee, Byung Joo blee86@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Li, Qi qli87@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Liu, Lei lliu263@wisc.edu 7122 Gellman Group
Manson, Daniel dmanson@wisc.edu 5229 6082623030 Blackwell Group
Maza, Andrew maza@wisc.edu 8131 608-262-0957 Landis Group
Nicastri, Kate knicastri@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Nutting, Jordan jbuhle@wisc.edu 7116 708-310-0602 Stahl Group
Reed, Nicholas nlreed@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Reeves, Ryan rreeves@chem.wisc.edu 8116 608-890-3602 Schomaker Group
Roberts, Jessica jroberts24@wisc.edu 8116 608-890-3602 Schomaker Group
Schneider, Brett bdschneider2@wisc.edu Weix Group
Spiewak, Amanda aspiewak@wisc.edu Weix Group
Van Aartsen, Amy avanaartsen@wisc.edu Organic
Vasilopoulos, Aristidis vasilopoulos@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Vine, Logan lvine@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Ward, Robert rmward2@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Williams, Oliver opwilliams@wisc.edu Wickens Group
Zdanovskaia, Maria zdanovskaia@wisc.edu 6212 608-262-0599 McMahon Group