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Name E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Group Affiliation
Bagchi, Kushal kbagchi@wisc.edu 7317 608-262-5547 Ediger Group
Bennin, Trevor tbennin@wisc.edu 7305 608-262-5547 Ediger Group
Bohlmann Kunz, Miriam bohlmannkunz@wisc.edu 8363 Zanni Group
Cui, Kai kcui7@wisc.edu Schmidt Group
Czech, Kyle kjczech@chem.wisc.edu 3217 608-263-1082 Wright Group
Demapan, Darren ddemapan@chem.wisc.edu Cui Group
Dorman, Pristine dorman3@wisc.edu 6207 608-444-9823 McMahon Group
Dyott, Zachary dyott@wisc.edu Sibert Group
Fellows, Madison mdfellows@wisc.edu McMahon Group
Flach, Jessica flach2@wisc.edu 608-262-1485 Zanni Group
Foote, Alexander afoote@chem.wisc.edu 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group
Janes, Aurora ajanes2@wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Janicki, Tesia tjanicki@wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Jeong, Kyeong-Jun kjeong@chem.wisc.edu 8331 608-262-0262 Yethiraj Group
Kaufman, Emily emkaufman@wisc.edu Wright Group
Kim, Joseph jykim35@wisc.edu 461 HFD Biochemistry Laboratories
Lafayette, David dlafayette@wisc.edu 3215 Wright Group
Li, Xinyi xli646@wisc.edu 8353 608-265-3644 Schmidt Group
Liang, Dongyue dliang25@wisc.edu 8357 608-265-3644
Lu, Erdong elu4@wisc.edu GenChem TA Office (27A) 404-596-2318 Fredrickson Group
Morrow, Darien dmorrow3@wisc.edu Wright Group
Orr, Vanessa vorr@chem.wisc.edu 6207 608-262-0599 McMahon Group
Owen, Andrew aowen4@wisc.edu 6207 608-262-0599 McMahon Group
Pan, Feng fpan22@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group
Rea, Morgan mrea3@wisc.edu 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group
Sagan, Cole sagan@wisc.edu Garand Group
Sherman, Summer slsherman3@wisc.edu Garand Group
Singh, Aditya asingh76@wisc.edu 8331 302-803-7970 Yethiraj Group
Vollbrecht, Cecilia chvollbrecht@wisc.edu 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group
Weng, Tingting tweng@chem.wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Xing, Enran exing2@wisc.edu Ediger Group
Yang, Hanming hyang366@wisc.edu Cavagnero Group
Zhao, Xianyuan xzhao287@wisc.edu 7335 608-609-1329 Nathanson Group
Zhu, Yanyu zhu262@wisc.edu 4225 608-262-0219 Weisshaar Group