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Professor Samuel H. Gellman


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Kuhn, Ariel akuhn7@wisc.edu Postdoc
Yu, Zhen zyu256@wisc.edu Postdoc
Zhang, Le lzhang722@wisc.edu Postdoc

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Andrews, Mary mandrews7@wisc.edu Graduate Student 1731 8165007405
Cruz Rivera, Yareslie cruzrivera@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Ghone, Dhaval dghone@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Jarois, Dean jarois@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7124
Kim, Tae Wook tkim334@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7122
Lampkin, Philip plampkin@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7125
Liu, Xinyu xliu683@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Mannone, John mannone@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7120
Morris, Rylie rkmorris@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Tran, Lauren lmtran2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
van der Stok, Aevi vanderstok@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Xu, Ruiwen (Irian) rxu64@wisc.edu Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Dufek, Deseree dldufek@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Hayssen, Peter phayssen@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Henry, Jacob jthenry2@wisc.edu Student Researcher
McInerney, Scott smcinerney@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Schimmelpfennig, Lars lschimmelpfe@wisc.edu Student Researcher 414 240-701-2313
Xu, Angie axu36@wisc.edu Student Researcher