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Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Ablaberdieva, Angela ablaberdieva@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Bain, Rachel rbain@chem.wisc.edu Senior Instructional Technology Specialist 1321A 608-265-3884
Bowman, Matt bowman@chem.wisc.edu Senior Lecturer 5232 608-262-2519
Buchberger, Amanda abuchberger@wisc.edu Faculty Associate MSC 551C 608-263-8960
Contreras Guzman, Emmanuel econtreras@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Grindel, Samuel sgrindel@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Guan, Jiehao jguan22@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Honeywell, Samuel honeywell@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Kneer, Marissa mkneer@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Kuborn, Thomas tkuborn@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Lamont, Liana lblamont@wisc.edu Faculty Associate 1321E 608-262-8828
Lee, Danny djlee6@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Lin, Ruochen rlin23@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant 8357
Mandalika, Anurag mandalika@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Manger, Lydia lmanger@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Marick, Robert marick@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Maynard, Jim maynard@chem.wisc.edu Lecture Demonstrator B361B 608-262-7916
Miles, Kelsey kcmiles@wisc.edu Lecturer
Nies, Brian bnies@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
OSullivan, Charlotte cosullivan2@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Peng, Yangbo ypeng59@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant 6083356153
Roos, Liam lroos2@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Schueneman, Susan sschueneman@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Schwarz, Cara ceschwarz@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Shen, Yunyi yshen99@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Sodeman, Rachael sodeman@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Sutar, Prayas psutar@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Tatarsky, Amy atatarsky@chem.wisc.edu Faculty Assistant 1201 608-
Thomas, AnnaBeth athomas39@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Tigges Green, Isabelle tiggesgreen@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Weaver, Jeremy jweaver7@wisc.edu Faculty Associate 1321F 608-262-9170
Yadav, Abhimenyu ayadav@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Zelewski, Linda M. zelewski@chem.wisc.edu Senior Lecturer 2126 608-262-7802
Zhang, Haoran hzhang693@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Zhou, Jia jzhou@chem.wisc.edu Faculty Assistant 2132 608-890-0794

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Alvarez Garcia, Yasmin alvarezgarci@wisc.edu Graduate Student CHEM 1321 F 864-326-5747