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Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Alikhani, Zahra zalikhani@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Allaman, Heather hallaman@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Antonelli, John jantonelli@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Ausman, Samantha Frances sausman@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Bain, Rachel rbain@chem.wisc.edu Senior Instructional Technology Specialist 1321A 608-265-3884
Bates, Maia mbates6@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Betancourt, Miguel betancourtp2@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant 7875175658
Boos, Claire ceboos@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Bowman, Matt bowman@chem.wisc.edu Senior Lecturer 5232 608-262-2519
Buasakdi, Chavin buasakdi@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Buchberger, Amanda abuchberger@wisc.edu Faculty Associate MSC 551C 608-263-8960
Castro, Anthony ajcastro2@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Cross, Patrick pcross@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Crowell, Samuel scrowell2@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Cruz Parrilla, Peter cruzparrilla@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Ellias, Niall ellias@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Erpelding, Owen erpelding@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Feng, Zhaomeng zfeng63@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Flynn, Kaitlyn kmflynn3@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Geng, Han hgeng6@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Guan, Jiehao jguan22@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Habib, Asif ahabib@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Kelch, Riley rmkelch@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Komnick, Kailey kkomnick@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Lamont, Liana lblamont@wisc.edu Faculty Associate 1321E 608-262-8828
Mathews, Madeleine mmathews2@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Maynard, Jim maynard@chem.wisc.edu Lecture Demonstrator B361B 608-262-7916
Metcalf, David dhmetcalf@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Meyer, Brooke blmeyer3@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Miles, Kelsey kcmiles@wisc.edu Lecturer
Millevolte, Tony ajmillev@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Mohr, Caroline cmohr3@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Otte, Rachel rcotte@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Peng, Yangbo ypeng59@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant 6083356153
Plank, Taylor tnplank@wisc.edu Lecturer
Ragan, Abbey aragan@wisc.edu Undergraduate Assistant
Rosado, Omir orosado@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Sak, Lara lsak@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Sangha, Alvir asangha@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Schall, Melissa mjschall@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Schueneman, Susan sschueneman@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Sodeman, Rachael sodeman@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Soja, Natalia nsoja@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Sutar, Prayas psutar@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Tatarsky, Amy atatarsky@chem.wisc.edu Faculty Assistant 1201 608-
Taylor, Megan mktaylor4@wisc.edu Faculty Assistant
Trate, Jaclyn trate@wisc.edu Faculty Associate
Tuttle, Elizabeth etuttle@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Wang, Weizheng wwang482@wisc.edu Teaching Assistant
Weaver, Jeremy jweaver7@wisc.edu Faculty Associate 1321F 608-262-9170