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Professor Song Jin


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Chen, Chih Jung cchen622@wisc.edu Honorary Associate

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Campbell, Neil ncampbell4@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Forlano, Kristel forlano@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Hautzinger, Matthew hautzinger@wisc.edu Graduate Student 0000000000
Jackson, Erika esjackson2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Mathur, Nitish nmathur@wisc.edu Graduate Student 3227 4808435795
Michael, Katelyn khmichael@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Mihalyi-Koch, Willa mihalyikoch@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4364
Pan, Dongxu dpan32@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4364
Reasoner, Emily ereasoner@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Roberts, David dsroberts@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4364 510-585-5608
Ross, Dominic rdross@wisc.edu Graduate Student 3369
Roy, Christopher crroy@wisc.edu Graduate Student 3227 Chemistry Building 608-262-4465
Sheng, Hongyuan hsheng7@wisc.edu Graduate Student 3227 608-262-4465
Tiambeng, Timothy-Neil tiambeng@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Wang, Rui rwang484@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4364

Undergraduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Dani, Kunal dani2@wisc.edu Student Researcher
DeRuiter, Andrew aderuiter@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Kim, Daniel dkim542@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Parihar, Aditya parihar2@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Veyssal, Atilla veyssal@wisc.edu Student Researcher