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Professor Lloyd M. Smith


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Frey, Brian bfrey@chem.wisc.edu Senior Scientist 4233 608-265-6138
Scalf, Mark scalf@chem.wisc.edu Senior Scientist 4201 608-262-6891
Shortreed, Michael mshort@chem.wisc.edu Senior Scientist 4215 608-265-3698

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Henke, Katherine kbuxton@chem.wisc.edu Graduate Student 4207 608-262-0296
Lu, Lei llu56@wisc.edu Graduate Student R4231 6082622021
Miller, Rachel rmmiller22@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Millikin, Robert rmillikin@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Pavek, John jpavek@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6123284684
Rolfs, Zachary zrolfs@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4231 608-262-2021
Schaffer, Leah lschaffer2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Whitworth, Isabella iwhitworth@wisc.edu Graduate Student 4207

Undergraduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Chemello, Michael chemello@wisc.edu Student Researcher 4231
Elfert, Jacob elfert@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Leung, Ethan eleung5@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Meyer, Cullan cameyer6@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Nakayama, Lisa lnakayama@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Pavelec, Caitlin cpavelec@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Purohit, Anay apurohit2@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Qu, Xianrun (Sheeran) xqu25@wisc.edu Student Researcher 4233 608-556-1507