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Professor Shannon Stahl


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Gerken, James jbgerken@chem.wisc.edu Associate Scientist 6130 608-265-8192
Hill, Corie cnhill2@wisc.edu Administrative Specialist 6122 608-265-8193
Holland, Christopher cholland2@wisc.edu Researcher
Knapp, Spring sknapp3@wisc.edu Laboratory Manager 6131 608-265-8192
Rafiee, Mohammad rafiee@wisc.edu Honorary Fellow
Romero-Arenas, Antonio romeroarenas@wisc.edu Honorary Fellow 6131 608-265-8192


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Abrams, Dylan dabrams2@wisc.edu Postdoc 7116
Bates, Jason jsbates@wisc.edu Postdoc 6108
Cardinale, Luana lcardinale@wisc.edu Postdoc 6125
Hoque, Asmaul hoque2@wisc.edu Postdoc
Khamespanah, Fatemeh khamespanah@wisc.edu Postdoc
Twilton, Jack twilton@wisc.edu Postdoc 6128
Wang, Luning lwang673@wisc.edu Postdoc 7108

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Al-Zahrani, Abdulhadi alzahrani2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Bruns, David dbruns@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Goes, Shannon goes@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Golden, Kristine (Dung) dlgolden@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6108 608-890-3549
Hanneman, Chris channeman@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6108
Hopkins, Melissa mnhopkins@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6122
Johnson, Mathew mrjohnson27@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6122
Lopez, Marco mlopez26@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6108 (608) 890-3549
Martinez, Jesse jmartinez47@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6108
Nkulu, Leah nkulu@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6108
Omolabake, Surajudeen omolabake@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7108
Stamoulis, Alexios stamoulis@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Su, Zhiming zsu53@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7116
Weeda, Eric weeda@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6122 (608)-890-3549
Zhou, Shiyuan szhou277@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7108
Zhu, Jieru jzhu274@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7108