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Professor Daniel Weix


Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Beleh, Omar beleh@wisc.edu Postdoc
Gilbert, Michael mgilbert3@wisc.edu Postdoc 5128
Huang, Zhidao zhuang483@wisc.edu Postdoc 5131 608-265-8285
Kang, Kai kkang45@wisc.edu Postdoc

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Akana, Michelle makana@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5122
Castro, Anthony ajcastro2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Chi, Benjamin bkchi@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5131 608-265-8285
Cruz, Alexandro arcruz@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Ehehalt, Lauren ehehalt@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5131 608-265-8285
Franke, Mareena franke3@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5128
Gavin, Samantha sjgavin2@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5128
Kim, Seoyoung skim676@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Loud, Nathan nloud@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5122 608-262-9234
Mouat, Julianna jmouat@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5128
Olszewski, Alyssa aolszewski2@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5131 608-265-8285
Salgueiro, Daniel salgueiro@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5131 608-265-8285
Schneider, Brett bdschneider2@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Widness, Jonas widness@wisc.edu Graduate Student 5128

Undergraduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Onnuch, Polpum onnuch@wisc.edu Student Researcher