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zwickens's picture
Assistant Professor Zach Wickens

Graduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Alektiar, Sara alektiar@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6373
Chernowsky, Colleen chernowsky@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6373
Chmiel, Alyah afchmiel@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Edgecomb, Joseph (Joe) jedgecomb@wisc.edu Graduate Student 7108
Holst, Dylan holst2@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6373
Kim, Min Ji mkim658@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6227
Targos, Karina ktargos@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6373
Wang, Diana djwang@wisc.edu Graduate Student 6373
Williams, Oliver opwilliams@wisc.edu Graduate Student
Zaytsev, Sergey szaytsev@wisc.edu Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Name E-mail Position Room Number Telephone Number
Aranda, Dora daranda3@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Coplien, Hunter hcoplien@wisc.edu Student Researcher
Winter, Casey ckwinter@wisc.edu Student Researcher