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Name E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Research Group
Acosta, Milton macosta2@wisc.edu Berry Group
Agbi, Theo agbi@wisc.edu 6233 608-262-5949 Hermans Group
Aguayo, Kristopher kaguayo@wisc.edu Pazicni Group
Aguirre-Figueroa, Guadalupe (Lupe) aguirrefigue@wisc.edu Blackwell Group
Akana, Michelle makana@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234‬ Weix Group
Al Abdulghani, Abdullah alabdulghani@wisc.edu Hermans Group
Al-Zahrani, Abdulhadi alzahrani2@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Alamudun, Sophya alamudun@wisc.edu Choi Group
Alektiar, Sara alektiar@wisc.edu 6373 Wickens Group
Alikhani, Zahra zalikhani@wisc.edu 1st Years
Allaman, Heather hallaman@wisc.edu 1st Years
Allen, Ryan rtallen@wisc.edu 1201 Zanni Group
Altvater, Natalie naltvater@wisc.edu 6307 Hermans Group
Anastasia, Caroline anastasia@wisc.edu Hiram Smith Annex 205A Pedersen Group
Anderson, Ben ben.anderson@wisc.edu 4462 Biotech Coon Group
Andon, James andon@wisc.edu 5201 Buller Group
Andrews, Mary mandrews7@wisc.edu 1731 8165007405 Gellman Group
Andrews, Jaan jandrews5@wisc.edu 1st Years
Annes, Haley hmannes@wisc.edu
Aristov, Michael aristov@wisc.edu 6315 8183847508 Berry Group
Armstrong, Zachary zarmstrong2@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Atwood, Madeleine mgatwood@wisc.edu McMahon Group
Auleciems, Ethan auleciems@wisc.edu 1st Years
Bachman, Benjamin bfbachman@wisc.edu 3341 Hamers Group
Bae, Hyeonjeong hbae34@wisc.edu Boydston Group
Bakhtiari, Maryam mbakhtiari@wisc.edu
Banka, Nishit nbanka@wisc.edu
Barber, Michaela mmbarber@wisc.edu 1st Years
Bates, Maia mbates6@wisc.edu 1st Years
Bayne, Elizabeth ebayne@wisc.edu WIMR II 8503 Ge Group
Belson, Ryan rbelson@wisc.edu Choi Group
Bender, Michael mtbender@wisc.edu Choi Group
Bennett, Zachary (Zach) zdbennett@wisc.edu Brunold Group
Benware, Sarah benware@wisc.edu Pedersen Group
Bergin, Rachel rbergin@wisc.edu 4339 Bertram Group
Betancourt, M betancourtp2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Bhatnagar, Rashi rbhatnagar2@wisc.edu 7108 1st Years
Bieber, Samuel slbieber@wisc.edu 1st Years
Bierman, Brenna bcbierman@wisc.edu Fredrickson Group
Birdsall, Erin ebirdsall@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Bohlmann Kunz, Miriam bohlmannkunz@wisc.edu 8363 Zanni Group
Bollis, Nicholas nbollis@wisc.edu 1st Years
Boos, Claire ceboos@wisc.edu 1st Years
Brademan, Dain brademan@wisc.edu 4420 Coon Group
Breining, William wbreining@wisc.edu Lynn Group
Britton Acevedo, Shaneen brittonaceve@wisc.edu Cavagnero Group
Brown, Kyle kbrown33@wisc.edu Ge Group
Brown, Shannnon sabrown28@wisc.edu Bertram Group
Bruffy, Samantha bruffy@wisc.edu Buller Group
Bruns, David dbruns@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Buck, Kevin kmbuck2@wisc.edu Ge Group
Bunn, Hayley hbunn@wisc.edu 4371 Daniels Widicus Weaver Group
Burgess, Emily ecburgess@wisc.edu 1st Years
Cahoon, Samuel scahoon@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Campbell, Meghan mecampbell2@wisc.edu 5116 2149523735 Buller Group
Campbell, Neil ncampbell4@wisc.edu Jin Group
Capek, Grace gcapek@wisc.edu Garand Group
Carr, Austin avcarr2@wisc.edu Smith Group
Castro, Anthony ajcastro2@wisc.edu Weix Group
Cavell, Andrew acavell@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group
Chapman, Steven schapman5@wisc.edu 5313 608-890-0796 Yoon Group
Chapman, Emily eachapman2@wisc.edu Ge Group
Chen, Zhenxuan zchen492@wisc.edu Yu L Group
Chernowsky, Colleen chernowsky@wisc.edu 6373 Wickens Group
Chi, Benjamin bkchi@wisc.edu 5131 608-265-8285 Weix Group
Chin, Kyle kcchin@wisc.edu Boydston Group
Chmiel, Alyah afchmiel@wisc.edu Wickens Group
Chung, Jedidiah jschung4@wisc.edu Martell Group
Cismaru, Peter Andrew pcismaru@wisc.edu
Corbin, Joshua corbin2@wisc.edu 8128 Schomaker Group
Cox, Caleb cacox2@wisc.edu Martell Group
Cribari, Mario cribari@wisc.edu Martell Group
Cross, Patrick pcross@wisc.edu 1st Years
Cruz, Alexandro arcruz@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234‬ Weix Group
Cruz Parrilla, Peter cruzparrilla@wisc.edu 1st Years
Cruz Rivera, Yareslie cruzrivera@wisc.edu Gellman Group
Cui, Kai kcui7@wisc.edu Schmidt Group
Cullinane, Brendan bcullinane@wisc.edu 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group
Czech, Kyle kjczech@chem.wisc.edu 3217 608-263-1082 Wright Group
Czerwinski, Rachel rczerwinski@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group, Shakhashiri Group
Dade, Christopher cdade@wisc.edu Forest Group
Dai, Yuling dai59@wisc.edu Smith Group
Dang, Justin hhdang@wisc.edu 5373 608-265-7948 Cavagnero Group
DANG, Y ymdang@wisc.edu 1st Years
Dao, Alina akdao2@wisc.edu 7335 Nathanson Group
Deglopper, Kimberly kdeglopper@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Dehghany, Mahzad dehghany@wisc.edu 8128 Schomaker Group
Delafield, Daniel delafield@wisc.edu Li Group
Deng, Ruohan rdeng25@wisc.edu 1st Years
Dequina, Hillary dequina@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Derrah, Thomas derrah@wisc.edu Bertram Group
Dicke, Sidney sdicke@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Dong, Son sdong44@wisc.edu 6307 Hermans Group
Doody, Cassie cdoody@wisc.edu 5225 Blackwell Group
Dorman, Pristine dorman3@wisc.edu 6207 608-444-9823 McMahon Group
Dorris, Matthew mdorris@chem.wisc.edu Babcock Hall, A115 608-262-0269
Dyott, Zachary dyott@wisc.edu Sibert Group
Edgecomb, Joseph (Joe) jedgecomb@wisc.edu 7108 Wickens Group
Ehehalt, Lauren ehehalt@wisc.edu 5131 608-265-8285 Weix Group
Eisenberg, Jonah jbeisenberg@wisc.edu 1st Years
Eisenbraun, Emma eeisenbraun@wisc.edu 5215 Blackwell Group
Ellis, Jonathan jmellis4@wisc.edu 5116 Buller Group
Elmendorf, Laura lelmendorf@wisc.edu 608-265-6038 Brunold Group
Enny, Daniel enny2@wisc.edu
Esterly, Harrison esterly@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Evans, Samantha sjevans3@wisc.edu 1st Years
Fairhall, Alex fairhall@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group
Faitz, Zachary zfaitz@wisc.edu 1st Years
Fang, Sifei sfang38@wisc.edu 8131 603-322-3398 Martell Group
Farrell, Kieran kmfarrell2@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Fellows, Madison mdfellows@wisc.edu McMahon Group
Fiala, Tahoe tfiala@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Fields, Caitlyn crfields@wisc.edu 8325 608-262-1485 Zanni Group
Fiori, Marie fiori2@wisc.edu 7305 608-262-5547 Ediger Group
Flores, Brandon bsflores@wisc.edu 6337 (608) 640-1232 Fredrickson Group
Flynn, Kaitlyn kmflynn3@wisc.edu 6125 1st Years
Forlano, Kristel forlano@wisc.edu Jin Group
Franke, Mareena franke3@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Fraser, Julia jmfraser2@wisc.edu Boydston Group
Fu, Xingyang xfu47@wisc.edu 2210 6088904625 Hoskins Group
Fuller, Lee ldfuller@wisc.edu 1st Years
Garcia, Uriel uagarcia@wisc.edu 1st Years
Garman, Leah lcgarman@wisc.edu 1st Years
Gavin, Samantha sjgavin2@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Genzink, Matthew genzink@wisc.edu 5307 Yoon Group
Gibadullin, Ruslan gibadullin@wisc.edu 7125 347-634-0729 Gellman Group
Gitter, Sean sgitter@wisc.edu 7357 608-263-9749 Boydston Group
Goes, Shannon goes@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Golden, Kristine (Dung) dlgolden@wisc.edu 6108 608-890-3549 Stahl Group
Goonetilleke, Eshani goonetilleke@wisc.edu Huang Group
Greco, Nicole ncgreco@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Green, Curtis cmgreen3@wisc.edu 3341 608-262-9081 Hamers Group
Gressel, Danica gressel@wisc.edu 6337 Fredrickson Group
Gruber, Kaitlyn kgruber2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Guo, Xuanrong (Gavin) xguo49@wisc.edu 1037 Engineering 608-262-9662 Lynn Group
Guo, Jiabao jguo245@wisc.edu 6085568300 Li Group
Gurkov, Iurii gurkov@wisc.edu Wang Group
Habumugisha, Jean Paul habumugisha@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hacha, Brandon hacha@wisc.edu (260) 222-8925 Goldsmith Group
Hagmann, Ryan rhhagmann@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hall, Ryan rlhall3@wisc.edu 608-265-6038 Brunold Group
Han, JI MIN han276@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hanneman, Chris channeman@wisc.edu 6108 Stahl Group
Harasimowicz, Michelle mharasimowic@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Harris, James jwharris2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hartman, Ethan emhartman@wisc.edu Martell Group
Higgins, Peyton pmhiggins@wisc.edu Chemistry 5125 Buller Group
Hilbrands, Adam hilbrands@wisc.edu 3231 608-262-0261 Choi Group
Hogan, Levi lhogan2@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group, Shakhashiri Group
Holst, Dylan holst2@wisc.edu 6373 Wickens Group
Hopkins, Melissa mnhopkins@wisc.edu 6122 Stahl Group
Hopper, Brianna bhopper@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hu, Yun hu346@wisc.edu 6088903602 Schomaker Group
HUANG, PENG-HSUAN phuang65@wisc.edu 1st Years
Hughes, Meredith mhughes23@wisc.edu 5323 Yoon Group
Hutchinson, Rachel rhutchinson3@wisc.edu 5373 608-265-7948 Cavagnero Group
Ibarra, Angel aeibarra2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Ibrahim, Faysal fibrahim@wisc.edu 1st Years
Jackson, Erika esjackson2@wisc.edu Jin Group
Jang, Inhyuk ijang5@wisc.edu 8331 Yethiraj Group
Janicki, Tesia tjanicki@wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Jansen, Jacob jhjansen@wisc.edu 6313 Hermans Group
Jarois, Dean jarois@wisc.edu 7124 Gellman Group
Jernigan, Christopher cjernigan@wisc.edu 4339 Bertram Group
Jiang, Tianxiao tjiang67@wisc.edu 7112 1st Years
Johnson, Mathew mrjohnson27@wisc.edu 6122 Stahl Group
Kaminsky, Cameron cjkaminsky@wisc.edu 1st Years
Kamp, Kendall kkamp@wisc.edu 6337 Fredrickson Group
Kasting, Benjamin bkasting@wisc.edu 7305 608-262-5547 Ediger Group
Kaufman, Emily emkaufman@wisc.edu Wright Group
Kaur, Simranpreet skaur24@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group
Kelch, Riley rmkelch@wisc.edu 1st Years
Kidd, Jesse jkidd3@wisc.edu 5333 Yoon Group
Kilgour, Delaney dkilgour@wisc.edu Bertram Group
Killian, Mickie mkillian@chem.wisc.edu 6215 608-265-6038 Brunold Group
Kim, Seoyoung skim676@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234‬ Weix Group
Kim, Tae Wook tkim334@wisc.edu 7122 Gellman Group
Kim, Joseph jykim35@wisc.edu 461 HFD Biochemistry Laboratories
Kim, Min Ji mkim658@wisc.edu 6227 Wickens Group
Kim, Jed jhkim45@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Kim, Hyung Joo hkim953@wisc.edu 1st Years
Kinsley, Paige kinsley2@wisc.edu 3341 608-262-9081 Hamers Group
Kohn, Eric emkohn3@wisc.edu 8131 Martell Group
Komnick, Kailey kkomnick@wisc.edu Martell Group
Kougias, Samuel skougias@chem.wisc.edu 6122 608-265-8193 McMahon Group
Krasecki, Veronica krasecki@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group
Kruszynski, Catherine ckruszynski@wisc.edu 3341 Hamers Group
Kuborn, Thomas tkuborn@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Kumar, Prasanth pkumar39@wisc.edu Room 5116 6086222510 Buller Group
Lafayette, David dlafayette@wisc.edu Wright Group
Lampkin, Philip plampkin@wisc.edu 7125 Gellman Group
Lancaster, Noah nlancaster@wisc.edu 1st Years
Langford, James jclangford@wisc.edu Yang Group
Larson, Eli ejlarson2@wisc.edu WIMR II, 8503 Ge Group
Lebron Rodriguez, Edgard lebronrodrig@wisc.edu 6233 Hermans Group
Lee, Byung blee265@wisc.edu Wang Group
Lee, Yejung ylee682@wisc.edu Ediger Group
Lee, Seung Hyun (Ken) lee766@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Lee, Kwanpyung klee539@wisc.edu Schmidt Group
Li, Miyang mli523@wisc.edu Li Group
Li, Xiaolei xli823@wisc.edu Tang Group
Lian, Yumin ylian4@wisc.edu Schwartz Group
Liang, Haocheng haocheng.liang@wisc.edu Chamberlin 6297 1st Years
Lies, Shane slies@wisc.edu 5307 Yoon Group
Lim, Amber xalim@wisc.edu 6337 608-890-3759 Fredrickson Group
Lin, Yueai ylin334@wisc.edu 1st Years
Linke, Vanessa vlinke@wisc.edu 4400 R Biotech 608 890 0763 Coon Group
Lipinski, Karli kalipinski@wisc.edu Hoskins Group
Lish, Matthew lish@wisc.edu Golden Group
Liu, Xinyu xliu683@wisc.edu Gellman Group
Liu, Zhe zhe.liu2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Liu, Bojun bliu293@wisc.edu 1st Years
Lochbaum, Christian lochbaum@wisc.edu Pedersen Group
Lopez, Marco mlopez26@wisc.edu 6108 (608) 890-3549 Stahl Group
Loud, Nathan nloud@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234 Weix Group
Lumley, Margaret mlumley@wisc.edu 3231 608-262-0261 Choi Group
Lundberg, Claire clundberg2@wisc.edu Lynn Group
Lutovsky, Grace lutovsky@wisc.edu 5313 Yoon Group
MacAllister, Cade cmacallister@wisc.edu 1st Years
Mannone, John mannone@wisc.edu 7120 Gellman Group
Markovich, Samuel (Sam) smarkovich@wisc.edu Smith Group
Martinez, Jesse jmartinez47@wisc.edu 6108 Stahl Group
Masonheimer, Carly masonheimer@wisc.edu 1st Years
Masse, Meranda mmasse@wisc.edu 5373 Cavagnero Group
Mattock, Dominic mattock@wisc.edu 660-853-2744 Wang Group
Maza, Andrew maza@wisc.edu 8131 608-262-0957 Landis Group
McCarty, Bethany bjmccarty@wisc.edu 7224 Rennebohm Hall Tang Group
McDonald, Allwin admcdonald2@wisc.edu 5112 Buller Group, Shakhashiri Group
McDonnell, Ryan rpmcdonnell@wisc.edu 1st Years
Melby, Jake jmelby2@wisc.edu WIMR II 8503 Ge Group
Merenini, Princess merenini@wisc.edu Choi Group
Mertz, Keaton klmertz@wisc.edu Coon Group
Meza, Anthony armeza@wisc.edu Buller Group
Michael, Katelyn khmichael@wisc.edu Jin Group
Mickles, Clayton mickles@wisc.edu Cavagnero Group
Mihalyi-Koch, Willa mihalyikoch@wisc.edu 4364 Jin Group
Mill, Jericha mill@wisc.edu Li Group
Miller, Joshua jrmiller26@wisc.edu 6215 608-265-6038 Brunold Group
Miller, Rachel rmmiller22@wisc.edu Smith Group
Mondal, Ipsita imondal@wisc.edu 1st Years
Moore, Colton mmmoore22@wisc.edu Widicus Weaver Group
Moreno, David dmoreno6@wisc.edu Ge Group
Morgenstern, Haley hmorgenstern@wisc.edu Pazicni Group
Morris, Louis lvmorris@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Morris, Rylie rkmorris@wisc.edu Gellman Group
Mouat, Julianna jmouat@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Muehlbauer, Laura lmuehlbauer@wisc.edu Coon Group
Nicastri, Kate knicastri@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Nickson, Kathleen knickson@wisc.edu 4323 Garand Group
Nielsen-Franco, David nielsenfranc@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Nieszala, Megan nieszala@wisc.edu 6116 Landis Group
Niu, Jiani jniu23@wisc.edu 7128 Gellman Group
Nkulu, Leah nkulu@wisc.edu 6108 Stahl Group
Ode, Anand aode@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Ogorek, Ashley anroux@wisc.edu 8125 Martell Group
Ogorek, Tyler ogorek@wisc.edu 4145787112 Golden Group
Oliveras Santos, Stephanie oliverassant@wisc.edu Gopalan Group
Olszewski, Alyssa aolszewski2@wisc.edu 5131 608-265-8285 Weix Group
Omolabake, Surajudeen omolabake@wisc.edu 7108 Stahl Group
Oram, Kelson koram@wisc.edu 3217 Wright Group
Owen, Andrew aowen4@wisc.edu 6207 608-262-0599 McMahon Group
Pan, Feng fpan22@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group
Pankratz, Trey tcpankratz@wisc.edu Berry Group
Parrish, Katherine kparrish@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group, Shakhashiri Group
Pavek, John jpavek@wisc.edu 6123284684 Smith Group
Perkins, Lydia ljperkins@wisc.edu Buller Group
Peters, Sean srpeters@wisc.edu Coon Group
Peters-Clarke, Trenton petersclarke@wisc.edu Coon Group
Petersen, Riley rjpetersen2@wisc.edu
Phetsanthad, Ashley phetsanthad@wisc.edu 5234 Pharmacy Li Group
Pike, Kyndal kapike@wisc.edu Smith Group
Pimentel, Edward epimentel@wisc.edu 8131 Martell Group
Piszel, Paige piszel@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Plachinski, Elyse eplachinski@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Podorova, Yulia podorova@wisc.edu 8363 Zanni Group
Polaske, Thomas polaske@wisc.edu Blackwell Group
Pomeroy, Julia pomeroy2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Primanis-Erickson, Martin martin.primaniserickson@wisc.edu 1st Years
Protter, Connor protter@wisc.edu 3345 Hamers Group
Qiu, Yunrui yqiu78@wisc.edu Huang Group
Quinn, La'Darious ljquinn@wisc.edu Lynn Group
Quintana Cintron, Gerardo gquintanacin@wisc.edu 787-513-5518 1st Years
Rasch, Julia jrasch2@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group
Reasoner, Emily ereasoner@wisc.edu Jin Group
Rebelsky, Jonathan rebelsky@wisc.edu Widicus Weaver Group
Rigoglioso, Vincent rigoglioso@wisc.edu 7357 608-263-9749 Boydston Group
Riusech, Olga riusech@wisc.edu Li Group
Rivera-Colon, Jorge riveracolon@wisc.edu Gilbert Group
Roberts, David dsroberts@wisc.edu 4364 510-585-5608 Jin Group
Roberts, Madeleine mgroberts3@wisc.edu 2483300871 Burstyn Group
Roesch, Gina gina.roesch@wisc.edu Garand Group
Rogers, Martina mnrogers@wisc.edu 1st Years
Rogers, Holden htrogers@wisc.edu 1st Years
Ross, Dominic rdross@wisc.edu 3369 Jin Group
Roy, Michael mroy6@wisc.edu 6327 Berry Group
Roy, Christopher crroy@wisc.edu 3227 Chemistry Building 608-262-4465 Jin Group
Ryan, Matthew mryan24@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Sagan, Cole sagan@wisc.edu Garand Group
Salgueiro, Daniel salgueiro@wisc.edu 5131 608-265-8285 Weix Group
Salome, Austin salome@wisc.edu Coon Group
Sanders, Kyana kmsanders2@wisc.edu 6337 Fredrickson Group
Sangha, Alvir asangha@wisc.edu 1st Years
Santa, Emma esanta@wisc.edu Blackwell Group
Sarver, Collette ccsarver@wisc.edu 1st Years
Saucedo, Cesar csaucedo@wisc.edu CHEM 3314 Hamers Group
Sauer, Christopher csauer@wisc.edu Li Group
Scheeler, Jason jscheeler@wisc.edu 3215 Wright Group
Schilling, Cody cschilling2@wisc.edu 7363 6082639749 Boydston Group
Schmidt, Connor caschmidt6@wisc.edu 1201 Gilbert Group
Schneider, Brett bdschneider2@wisc.edu 5122 608-262-9234‬ Weix Group
Schultz, Rebecca rlschultz3@wisc.edu 6215 608-265-6038 Brunold Group
Schultz, Chase cpschultz@wisc.edu Widicus Weaver Group
Schwarz, Cara ceschwarz@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Schweitzer, Beau bschweitzer2@wisc.edu 6359 8592858641 Goldsmith Group
Serrano, Lia lrserrano@wisc.edu Coon Group
Shapla, Ummay shapla@wisc.edu Cavagnero Group
Sheng, Hongyuan hsheng7@wisc.edu 3227 608-262-4465 Jin Group
Sherman, Summer slsherman3@wisc.edu Garand Group
Sidana, Vinayak sidana@wisc.edu 1st Years
Sivanich, Michael mksivanich@wisc.edu Li Group
Smith, Houston hhsmith2@wisc.edu McMahon Group
Smith, Jamorious jsmith96@wisc.edu Buller Group
Smith, Julia jdsmith25@wisc.edu ERB 1141 Gopalan Group
Smith, Mackinsey masmith49@wisc.edu 3223 6082629333 Goldsmith Group, Shakhashiri Group
Soja, Natalia nsoja@wisc.edu 6125 1st Years
Sole-Barber, Daniel solebarber@wisc.edu 1st Years
Solivais, Alexander solivais@wisc.edu 1st Years
Spitha, Natalia spitha@wisc.edu 3217 Wright Group
Stamoulis, Alexios stamoulis@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Stegman, Samantha sstegman@wisc.edu Berry Group
Stoutland, Irene stoutland@wisc.edu 1st Years
Su, Zhiming zsu53@wisc.edu 7116 Stahl Group
Sullivan, Patrick ptsullivan@wisc.edu Feng Group
Sumlin, Anthony asumlin@wisc.edu 1st Years
Sunden, Kyle sunden@wisc.edu 3217 Wright Group
Tabang, Dylan tabang@wisc.edu 5232 Rennebohm Hall 608-262-9360 Li Group
Targos, Karina ktargos@wisc.edu 6373 Wickens Group
Tetzloff, Alexander atetzloff@wisc.edu Wang Group
Tetzloff, Margaret mtetzloff@wisc.edu Boydston Group
Thakali, Subi thakali@wisc.edu 1st Years
Thompson, William wthompson7@wisc.edu Widicus Weaver Group
Tracy, Megan megan.tracy@wisc.edu 7305 Ediger Group
Tran, Lauren lmtran2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Trenerry, Michael trenerry@wisc.edu 6327 Berry Group
Triggs, Christopher cetriggs@wisc.edu 1st Years
Trinh, Tuan Anh trinh4@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Trinh, Brittany btrinh2@wisc.edu 1st Years
Tripp, Alicia amtripp@wisc.edu 3341 Hamers Group
Tritt, Rachel rtritt@wisc.edu 7357 608-263-9749 Boydston Group
Unger, Maxwell mjunger@wisc.edu 8133
Van Aartsen, Amy avanaartsen@wisc.edu Organic
Van Buskirk, Jonathan jvanbuskirk@wisc.edu 6337 (832) 527-4778 Fredrickson Group
van der Stok, Aevi vanderstok@wisc.edu 1st Years
Vigil, Correy crvigil@wisc.edu Bertram Group
Villalona, Jairo villalona@wisc.edu Buller Group
Vine, Logan lvine@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Vollbrecht, Cecilia chvollbrecht@wisc.edu 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group, Shakhashiri Group
Vu, Nhu nqvu@wisc.edu Li Group
Vulpis, Troy vulpis@wisc.edu 1st Years
Walde, Rebecca rwalde@wisc.edu 1st Years
Walker, Catherine cewalker6@wisc.edu 1st Years
Wan, Zhongyi zwan28@wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Wang, Shao-Chun swang595@wisc.edu 6307 608-262-3145 Hermans Group
Wang, Danqing dwang356@wisc.edu 5232 Rennebohm Hall Li Group
Wang, Fengrui fwang82@wisc.edu 1037 Engineering hall Lynn Group
Wang, Diana djwang@wisc.edu 6373 Wickens Group
Wang, Rui rwang484@wisc.edu 4364 Jin Group
Ward, Robert rmward2@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Weaver, Brian brweaver@wisc.edu 5207 Burstyn Group
Weber, Katie kmweber8@wisc.edu 1st Years
Weeda, Eric weeda@wisc.edu 6122 (608)-890-3549 Stahl Group
Wei, Pingli pwei8@wisc.edu 608-338-6098 Li Group
Wheaton, Amelia amwheaton@wisc.edu Berry Group
Whitworth, Isabella iwhitworth@wisc.edu 4207 Smith Group
Widness, Jonas widness@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Williams, Oliver opwilliams@wisc.edu Wickens Group
Wilson, Kenneth (Kenny) kdwilson6@wisc.edu 3038153424 Garand Group
Wokosin, Kevin kwokosin@wisc.edu 1st Years
Wood, Samuel sawood5@wisc.edu 6207 608-262-0599 McMahon Group
Wright, Connor cjwright5@wisc.edu Widicus Weaver Group
Wu, Wenxin wwu255@wisc.edu Li Group
Xing, Enran exing2@wisc.edu Ediger Group
Xu, Meng mxu55@wisc.edu 5216 Rennebohm Li Group
Xu, Ruiwen (Irian) rxu64@wisc.edu Gellman Group
Xue, Mingyi mxue33@wisc.edu Huang Group
Yang, Hanming hyang366@wisc.edu Cavagnero Group
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