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Name E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Research Group
Bates, Jason 6108 Stahl Group
Buss, Josh 6126 Stahl Group
Chalyavi, Farzaneh Zanni Group
Cowper, Nicholas Wickens Group
Crandell, Olivia Pazicni Group
Cui, Yanbin 6125 716-292-4233 Stahl Group
Cui, Jianxun 9194124558 Boydston Group
Fu, Hui-Chun 3363 Jin Group
Gilbert, Michael 5128 Weix Group
Gockel, Samuel 5333 6127417098 Yoon Group
Harris, Caleb 6375 608-890-1568 Berry Group
Heins, Spencer Landis Group
Hoque, Asmaul Stahl Group
Howe, Morgan 9345 Pazicni Group
Jones, Corey Schomaker Group
Kang, Kai Weix Group
Kaur, Supreet Yethiraj Group
Lytle, Tyler Yethiraj Group
Maity, Soham 6122, 6129 Stahl Group
Mark, Lesli Hermans Group
Mattei, Michael 3223 Goldsmith Group
Meyer, Jesse Coon Group
Muralidharan, Ajay Schmidt Group
Nguyen, Hoang Long 3223 608-262-9333 Goldsmith Group
Orbeck, Jenny Hamers Group
Ortiz Ledón, Cesar 3327 Hamers Group
Outlaw, Victor Shain 7131 Gellman Group
Ralph, Vanessa Stowe Group
Schafer, Adam Stowe Group
Shen, Hang 7363 Boydston Group
Shen, Yu Hamers Group
Sherbrook, Evan 6369 608-890-0796 Boydston Group
Slinger, Betty Blackwell Group
Staudaher, Nicholas Landis Group
Suh, Sung-Eun Stahl Group
Swords, Wesley 5307 6088900796 Yoon Group
Twilton, Jack 6128 Stahl Group
Wallen, Christian 6327 608-890-1568 Berry Group
Wang, Luning 7108 Stahl Group
Wang, Jiang Weix Group
Wang, Fei 7112 Stahl Group
Xu, Xi 8357 Yang Group
Yang, Xuejin 7357 608-263-9749 Boydston Group
Yu, Zhen Gellman Group
Zhang, Ruohan Goldsmith Group