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Name E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Research Group
Alherech, Manar malherech@chem.wisc.edu 6129 608-265-8216 Stahl Group
Bates, Jason jsbates@wisc.edu 6108 Stahl Group
Crandell, Olivia ocrandell@wisc.edu Pazicni Group
Cui, Yanbin ycui62@wisc.edu 6125 716-292-4233 Stahl Group
Doyon, Tyler tdoyon@wisc.edu Buller Group
Fu, Hui-Chun hfu48@wisc.edu 3363 Jin Group
Gilbert, Michael mgilbert3@wisc.edu 5128 Weix Group
Gockel, Samuel sgockel@wisc.edu 5333 6127417098 Yoon Group
Gu, Kaichen kgu23@wisc.edu Ediger Group
Heins, Spencer sheins@wisc.edu Landis Group
Hoque, Asmaul hoque2@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Howe, Morgan mhowe4@wisc.edu 9345 Pazicni Group
Jones, Corey cljones24@wisc.edu Schomaker Group
Kang, Kai kkang45@wisc.edu Weix Group
Kaur, Supreet kaur25@wisc.edu Yethiraj Group
Knoener, Rachel raknoener@wisc.edu Smith Group
Kregel, Steven sjkregel@wisc.edu Nathanson Group
Liu, Xuan xliu2226@wisc.edu 6125 Stahl Group
Lytle, Tyler lytle2@wisc.edu Yethiraj Group
Maity, Soham smaity@wisc.edu 6122, 6129 Stahl Group
Mark, Lesli lomark@wisc.edu Hermans Group
Mattei, Michael mattei2@wisc.edu 3223 Goldsmith Group
Muralidharan, Ajay amuralidhar4@wisc.edu Schmidt Group
Needham, Lisa Maria needham3@wisc.edu Goldsmith Group
Ortiz Ledón, Cesar Ortiz caortiz2@wisc.edu 3327 Hamers Group
Ralph, Vanessa vralph@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Razavi, Masoud Razaviaghjeh@wisc.edu Ediger Group
Rolfs, Zachary zrolfs@wisc.edu 4231 608-262-2021 Smith Group
Santos-Diaz, Stephanie santosdiaz@wisc.edu Pazicni Group
Schafer, Adam agschafer@wisc.edu Stowe Group
Shen, Yu yshen238@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Sherbrook, Evan esherbrook@chem.wisc.edu 6369 608-890-0796 Boydston Group
Slinger, Betty bslinger@wisc.edu Blackwell Group
Smith, Nicholas nesmith5@wisc.edu Landis Group
Son, Minjung mson26@wisc.edu Zanni Group
Swords, Wesley wswords@wisc.edu 5307 6088900796 Yoon Group
Tamez, Carlos ctamez@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Twilton, Jack twilton@wisc.edu 6128 Stahl Group
Vermeuel, Michael mvermeuel@wisc.edu 4339 608-262-0269 Bertram Group
Wang, Luning lwang673@wisc.edu 7108 Stahl Group
Weng, Tingting tweng@chem.wisc.edu 8355 608-262-0233 Schmidt Group
Whyte, Andrew atwhyte@wisc.edu Yoon Group
Wi, Dae Han wi2@wisc.edu Choi Group
Xu, Xi xxu424@wisc.edu 8357 Yang Group
Yang, Xuejin xyang487@wisc.edu 7357 608-263-9749 Boydston Group
Yang, Nan nyang43@wisc.edu 5854905045 Zanni Group
Yu, Zhen zyu256@wisc.edu Gellman Group