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Picture Name Position E-mail Room Number Telephone Number Work Area
aandrea's picture
Andrea, Ariel Librarian ariel.andrea@wisc.edu 2132 608-262-4423 Library
rbain's picture
Bain, Rachel Senior Instructional Technology Specialist rbain@chem.wisc.edu 1321A 608-265-3884 Instructional Staff
dmbates's picture
Bates, Desiree Computational Chemistry Leader dmbates@chem.wisc.edu 9307 608-262-6936 Research Facilities
Bishop, Ross Lab Prep Tech rrbishop@wisc.edu B322 Organic
sblock's picture
Block, Stephen Assistant General Chemistry Lab Director sblock@chem.wisc.edu 1321B 608-262-1511 General Chemistry
bowman's picture
Bowman, Matt Senior Lecturer bowman@chem.wisc.edu 5232 608-262-2519 Instructional Staff
Bradley, Michael Shipping & Receiving Specialist bradley@chem.wisc.edu 1237 608-262-8746 Business Services
abuchberger's picture
Buchberger, Amanda Faculty Associate abuchberger@wisc.edu MSC 551C 608-263-8960 Instructional Staff
Caldwell, Bernadette Senior Editor - JCE caldwell@chem.wisc.edu JH, Rm 13 608-262-7146 JCE
kcasperson's picture
Casperson, Kurtis Lab Prep Tech kcasperson@wisc.edu 2370 (608) 262-5372 General Chemistry
awclauss's picture
Clauss, Arrietta Graduate Program Director awclauss@chem.wisc.edu 2108 608-262-0363 Student or Instructional Services
clewett's picture
Clewett, Cathy Senior Instrument Technologist clewett@wisc.edu 2201c 608-262-8196 Research Facilities
dcolosi's picture
Colosi, Dominic Lab Prep Tech dcolosi@chem.wisc.edu 5380 MSC 608-263-1604 Analytical
Dang, Allice Assistant Faculty Associate - CLC adang2@wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
pam's picture
Doolittle, Pam Analytical Lab Director pam@chem.wisc.edu SMI 535 608-262-9679 Analytical
drier's picture
Drier, Tracy Master Glassblower drier@chem.wisc.edu B-201 608-262-9896 Glass Shop
kldriscoll2's picture
Driscoll, Kayla Assistant to the Chair kayla.driscoll@wisc.edu 1121 608-262-1480 Business Services
pegan's picture
Egan, Pat Department Administrator pegan@chem.wisc.edu 1128 608-262-1487 Business Services
ajellison's picture
Ellison, Aubrey Assistant Organic Lab Director ajellison@wisc.edu B230 608-890-0794 Organic
besselman's picture
Esselman, Brian Assistant Organic Lab Director besselman@chem.wisc.edu B324A 608-262-1479 Organic
Fanis-Craft, Linda Outreach Specialist - ICE fanis@chem.wisc.edu 1305B 608-262-9555 Moore Group
Fitzgerald, Michelle Lab Prep Tech mfitzge1@chem.wisc.edu 2370 608-262-5372 General Chemistry
Fredrickson, Rie Assistant Scientist rfredrickson@chem.wisc.edu 6337 608-890-3759 Fredrickson Group
bfrey's picture
Frey, Brian Senior Scientist bfrey@chem.wisc.edu 4233 608-265-6138 Smith Group
fry's picture
Fry, Charlie Dir NMR Lab - CIC fry@chem.wisc.edu 2201A 608-262-3182 Research Facilities
Gerken, James Associate Scientist jbgerken@chem.wisc.edu 6130 608-265-8192 Stahl Group
goldade's picture
Goldade, Bruce Copy Center Manager goldade@chem.wisc.edu 1146 608-262-0293 Copy Center
Gomez, Anthony Assoc Research Specialist apgomez@wisc.edu Stowe Group
gord's picture
Gord, Joseph Assistant Scientist gord@wisc.edu 4325 608-265-3602 Bertram Group
agradney's picture
Gradney, Alisa Administrative Assistant agradney@wisc.edu 757-373-2114 Path Coordinators
Greenberg, Andrew Distinguished Faculty Associate greenberg@chem.wisc.edu 2037 Engineering 608-890-1534 Moore Group
lsgustin's picture
Gustin, Léa Assistant General Chemistry Lab Director lsgustin@wisc.edu 1321F 608-262-0089 General Chemistry
iguzei's picture
Guzei, Ilia Dir XRay Lab - CIC iguzei@chem.wisc.edu 2124 608-263-4694 Research Facilities
jhamers's picture
Hamers, Jeanne Undergraduate Chemistry Director jhamers@chem.wisc.edu 1328A 608-263-4852 Student or Instructional Services
mchanso1's picture
Hanson, Mary Path Coordinator mchanso1@wisc.edu 8305G 608-262-1969 Path Coordinators
cfharris's picture
Harris, Caleb Assistant Scientist cfharris@wisc.edu 6375 608-890-1568 Berry Group
heming's picture
Heming, Kristi Chemical Biology & Inorganic Path Coordinator kristi.heming@wisc.edu 8121 608-262-6815 Path Coordinators
hill's picture
Hill, Nicholas Organic Lab Director hill@chem.wisc.edu B330A 608-262-2306 Organic
hofstetter's picture
Hofstetter, Heike Asst Dir NMR Lab - CIC hofstetter@chem.wisc.edu 2201B 608-262-7536 Research Facilities
Holland, Christopher Researcher cholland2@wisc.edu Stahl Group
Hooker, Paul Senior Lecturer phooker@wisc.edu 1110 608-262-4749 General Chemistry
chorsfall's picture
Horsfall, Char Human Resource Specialist chorsfall@wisc.edu 1120 608-262-5927 Business Services
Imperl, Arianna Administrative Assistant aimperl@wisc.edu 1121 608-265-1454 Path Coordinators
Jacob, Tony Faculty Associate - CLC atjacob@wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
Jenkins, Cara Administrative Specialist clbradfo@wisc.edu 5202 265-6233 Blackwell Group
Jetzer, Kelly Instructional Specialist - CLC kjetzer@chem.wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
hljohnson8's picture
Johnson, Hailey Research Administrator hljohnson8@wisc.edu 1121 608-262-0206 Business Services
Kachel, Tim Associate Accountant tkachel@chem.wisc.edu 1121 608-262-7517 Business Services
Knapp, Spring Laboratory Manager sknapp3@wisc.edu 6131 608-265-8192 Stahl Group
Kohler, Daniel Assistant Scientist ddkohler@wisc.edu 3215 7633609286 Wright Group
Laboy, Jose Faculty Associate - CLC laboy@chem.wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
lblamont's picture
Lamont, Liana Faculty Associate lblamont@wisc.edu 1321E 608-262-8828 Instructional Staff
Lee, Chang-Uk Assistant Scientist clee468@wisc.edu Boydston Group
Lee, Agnes Faculty Associate - CLC ama@wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
Lemire, Beatriz Path Coordinator beatriz.lemire@wisc.edu 7121 608-890-0298 Path Coordinators
elyles's picture
Lyles Flick, Tatum Communications Specialist elyles@wisc.edu 608-265-9814 Business Services
Malone, Mike Financial Specialist mhmalone@wisc.edu 1121 608-262-5133 Business Services
pmandal2's picture
Mandal, Pubali Laboratory Manager pmandal2@wisc.edu 8363 Zanni Group
mmartin's picture
Martin, Matthew Instrument Maker - Advanced mmartin@chem.wisc.edu SB315 608-262-1482 Machine Shop
tmathewson's picture
Mathewson, Taylor Student Services Coordinator tmathewson@wisc.edu Student or Instructional Services
maynard's picture
Maynard, Jim Lecture Demonstrator maynard@chem.wisc.edu B361B 608-262-7916 Instructional Staff
Maynard, Sharon Audiovisual Production Specialist smmaynard@chem.wisc.edu B361 608-262-7916 Student or Instructional Services
mcclain's picture
McClain, Rob Analytical Lab Director mcclain@chem.wisc.edu 2330B 608-262-5615 Analytical
klmccullough's picture
McCullough, Katie Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator klmccullough@wisc.edu 1321D 608-262-8898 Student or Instructional Services
paul's picture
McGuire, Paul HPC (Cluster) Systems Administrator paul@chem.wisc.edu 9303 608-262-7924 Research Facilities
Meyer, Kent Assistant Scientist kentmeyer@wisc.edu 3217 263-1082 Wright Group
nmeyers3's picture
Meyers, Nicole Financial Specialist nmeyers3@wisc.edu 1121 608-262-4225 Business Services
Moore, Betty Program Manager - ICE betmoore@chem.wisc.edu 1305F 608-262-5155 Moore Group
Mullarkey, James Instrument Maker - Advanced jmullark@chem.wisc.edu S315 608-262-1482 Machine Shop
smyers's picture
Myers, Steve Instrument Shop Supervisor smyers@chem.wisc.edu S315A 608-262-1482 Machine Shop
Nam, Dohwan Assistant Scientist dnam7@wisc.edu 3301 608-316-5522 Choi Group
jnielsen's picture
Nielsen, Jeff Building Manager jnielsen@chem.wisc.edu 1227 (608)712-9145 Building Services
OConnell, Shannon Technician shannon.oconnell@wisc.edu
orbeck's picture
Orbeck, Jenny Assistant Scientist orbeck@wisc.edu Hamers Group
Osborne, Cayce Senior Outreach Specialist cosborne@chem.wisc.edu 9359 608-262-9190 Shakhashiri Group
voutlaw's picture
Outlaw, Victor Assistant Scientist voutlaw@wisc.edu Shain 7131 Gellman Group
pesavento's picture
Pesavento, Theresa Strategic Learning Consultant pesavento@wisc.edu
Ramey, Shea Faculty Associate - CLC smramey@wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
Reitz, Tracey Assistant Faculty Associate - CLC toudenhoven@chem.wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
cbarta's picture
Rossi, Cheri Undergraduate Research Director cbarta@chem.wisc.edu 2110 608-262-6533
Saecker, Mary Senior Editor - JCE msaecker@chem.wisc.edu JH 608-262-2072 JCE
msanders's picture
Sanders, Matt Executive Director matthew.sanders@wisc.edu 1126 608-263-4693 Business Services
Scalf, Mark Senior Scientist scalf@chem.wisc.edu 4201 608-262-6891 Smith Group
kschneid's picture
Schneider, Kendall Instrument Maker - Advanced kschneid@chem.wisc.edu S307 608-262-1482 Machine Shop
mpschwartz's picture
Schwartz, Michael Director - Sustainable Nanotechnology Center mpschwartz@wisc.edu 3345 608-263-7457 Hamers Group
shanks's picture
Shanks, Robert Senior Instrument Technologist rbshanks@wisc.edu 2130 608-262-0563 Research Facilities
Shkel, Irina Assistant Scientist ishkel@wisc.edu 3210 BSB 608-262-3019 Record Group
mshort's picture
Shortreed, Michael Senior Scientist mshort@chem.wisc.edu 4215 608-265-3698 Smith Group
asilver's picture
Silver, Alan Computer Systems Administrator asilver@chem.wisc.edu 9305 608-263-4528 Chemistry Computer Center
cskemp's picture
Skemp, Chad Purchasing Specialist cskemp@chem.wisc.edu 1123 608-262-1481 Business Services
cstodd's picture
Stodd, Cecilia Grants Specialist cstodd@chem.wisc.edu 1125 608-262-4561 Business Services
snstrnad's picture
Strnad, Sarina Undergraduate Chemistry Specialist snstrnad@wisc.edu 1328 608-263-2424 Student or Instructional Services
Tatarsky, Amy Faculty Assistant atatarsky@chem.wisc.edu 1201 608- Instructional Staff
bthompson's picture
Thompson, Blaise Instrumentation Tech bthompson@chem.wisc.edu S307 608-263-2573 Electronics Shop
dtoland's picture
Toland, David Associate Faculty Associate - CLC detoland@wisc.edu B311 608-265-5497 Chemistry Learning Center
vestling's picture
Vestling, Martha M. Dir Mass Spec Labs - CIC vestling@chem.wisc.edu 2134 608-262-3449 Research Facilities
Weaver, Jeremy Faculty Associate jweaver7@wisc.edu 1321F 608-262-9170 Instructional Staff
Wendt, Mark A. P Chem Lab Director wendt@chem.wisc.edu B219 608-262-0806 Physical
ofarver's picture
West, Liv Path Coordinator obwest@wisc.edu 8121C 608-263-4450 Path Coordinators
Wildman, Randall J. Senior Editor - JCE rwildman@chem.wisc.edu JH 608-262-7151 JCE
Wilkinson, Chad Gen Chem Lab Director wilkinson@chem.wisc.edu 1317A 608-263-4851
Willadsen, Marc Payroll & Benefits Specialist mwilladsen@wisc.edu 1124 608-265-9227 Business Services
Zayas-Gonzalez, Yashira Assistant Faculty Associate - CLC zayasgonzale@wisc.edu Chemistry Learning Center
Zelewski, Linda M. Senior Lecturer zelewski@chem.wisc.edu 2126 608-262-7802 Instructional Staff
jzernicke's picture
Zernicke, Jim Research Stockroom Manager jzernicke@chem.wisc.edu 5222 608-262-5875 Building Services
Zhou, Jia Faculty Assistant jzhou@chem.wisc.edu 2132 608-890-0794 Instructional Staff