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Andrew Owen

Email address: aowen4@wisc.edu

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McMahon Group
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Graduate Student
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Third year Ph.D. student, McMahon Group

B.S. 2015, University of North Dakota (Chemistry)

Research Description

Current work focuses on application of high level calculations to explore small, highly unsaturated organic molecules and their properties. Methods vary from DFT to MP2 to CCSD to multi-reference methods in order to obtain meaningful results to aid in experimental work that either has been done in the literature or that is currently being carried out in the McMahon & Woods labs.

While at UND, worked under Dr. Irina Smoliakova on an organic synthesis project as part of an REU program. After that worked under Dr. Jerome Delhommelle on a project to characterize hydrogen sulfide phase properties using molecular dynamics. Finally, worked under Dr. Mark Hofmann to carry out structure determinations of various antimony oxides using ab initio calculations. Interests lie along physical chemistry, particularly computation and theory.