Department of Chemistry

College of Letters & Science
Marshall Padilla

Email address: mpadilla3@wisc.edu

Group Affiliation: 
Mecozzi Group
Position Name: 
Graduate Student
Chemical Biology
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Bachelor of Science - College of William & Mary (2016)

Research Description

My research in the Mecozzi lab involves developing nanoemulsion formulations for the delivery of biological therapeutics. I synthesize and characterize novel ionic liquids (ILs) that replace traditional hydrophobic oils used in nanoemulsions. These ILs can solubilize a wide range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs, including proteins and nucleic acids. In addition to the IL project, I develop medium chain triglyceride (MCT)-based nanoemulsions for the delivery of siRNA. Here, the siRNA is paired with a cationic lipid to produce a hydrophobic nucleic acid salt that is soluble in high concentrations in MCT.