Department of Chemistry

College of Letters & Science
Stephanie Blaszczyk

Email address: sblaszczyk@wisc.edu

Room Number: 
7224 Rennebohn Hall
Group Affiliation: 
Tang Group
Position Name: 
Graduate Student
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B.S. 2013, Rockford University (Bork)

M.S. 2018, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Tang)

Ph. D. in progress, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Tang)


Research Description

Most people are familiar with carbohydrates from a nutritional standpoint, but they are unaware of the indispensable roles that carbohydrates play in biological processes, such as infection, inflammation, growth, development, and cell signaling. Carbohydrates are structurally diverse and synthetically challenging targets. Chemists' inability to synthesize densely functionalized carbohydrates in an efficient manner hinders biologists' ability to probe the functions of carbohydrates in biological processes.

For more information about my research and science writing, please visit my website https://sbsciencespeak.wordpress.com/.