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Tesia Janicki

Email address: tjanicki@wisc.edu

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Schmidt Group
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Graduate Student
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BS University of Notre Dame, 2016 (Chemistry & Physics, Minor in Gender Studies)
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022 - anticipated (Chemistry)

Research Description

Tesia is a theoretical chemist primarily interested in method development to investigate materials characterization and mechanisms. Her work within the Schmidt Group at UW-Madison has included biased simulations to elucidate the mechanism of solid phase epitaxy for complex materials. She has also developed software to support anisotropic force fields within the OpenMM framework. Outside of the lab, Tesia has organized and developed wellness initiatives to enhance graduate student climate and a supportive culture regarding discussions of mental health. Upon completion of my PhD (expected 2022), Tesia will be seeking postdoctoral positions prior to pursuing a career in academia. 

For more information about ongoing research within the Schmidt group, visit https://schmidt.chem.wisc.edu/