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Tesia Janicki

Email address: tjanicki@wisc.edu

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Schmidt Group
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Graduate Student
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BS University of Notre Dame, 2016 (Chemistry & Physics, Minor in Gender Studies)
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022 - anticipated (Chemistry)

Research Description

I am a theoretical chemist primarily interested in method development to investigate materials characterization and mechanisms. My work within the Schmidt Group at UW-Madison has included developing kinetic and mechanistic models for metal oxide crystallization using both enhanced sampling and traditional molecular dynamics. I have also developed software to support anisotropic force fields within the OpenMM framework and co-developed an anisotropic model for benzene. Outside of the lab, I have organized and developed wellness initiatives to enhance graduate student climate and a supportive culture regarding discussions of mental health. I believe disseminating research in a publicly consumable format is equally essential as the research, itself.