Department of Chemistry

College of Letters & Science
Yumin Lian

Email address: ylian4@wisc.edu

Group Affiliation: 
Schwartz Group
Position Name: 
Graduate Student
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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, First Class Honor | Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China                  Sep 2011- Jun 2015

Exchange student in Chemistry | Technical University of Munich, Germany                                                                                     Mar – Aug 2014                



Research Description

  • Initiated development of a comprehensive genomics analysis system which obtains single DNA sequence information from fluorescently stained single DNA molecules.
  • Carried out DNA preparations: PCR GC and AT rich DNA regions, molecular cloning, extraction of plasmids and bacterial artificial chromosome DNA from bacteria cell cultures.
  • Confirm DNA sequences by restriction digests and DNA sequencing.
  • Conducted DNA reactions including fluorescent labelling, ligation, methylation, etc.
  • Enabled automatic in-focus large dataset collection of fluorescently stained DNA images on epifluorescence microscope system.
  • Joined program development and applied the programs in daily data analysis in Python, MATLAB, R and C++.
  • Validated DNA sequence analysis on signal to noise ratio, reproducibility and structural variants calling with known DNA construct.

Teaching experiences

11 semesters total. 

Courses: Introductory Applied Statistics, Physical Chemistry Labs, Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry.