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College of Letters & Science
Hyuk Yu

Email address: yu@chem.wisc.edu

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Emeritus Professor

B.S. 1955, Seoul National University (Korea)
M.S. 1958, University of Southern California
M.A. 1960, Princeton University
Ph.D. 1962, Princeton University

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Research Description

Professor Yu is no longer taking students.

Since Professor Yu's formal retirement in 2004, he has been engaged in scholarly activity in a limited scope. He has been writing up his unpublished work, writing a textbook, reviewing manuscripts for journals and proposals for granting agencies, consulting for industrial companies, participating in various advisory boards of research institutes and centers, attending technical conferences and making some contributions to activities of scientific societies. He has also been active in the Korean Studies Initiatives of the Center for East Asian Studies at UW-Madison.

Professor Yu's interest in research, however, remains at the same level as before his retirement. It consists of: 1) transport and dynamics of macromolecules in bulk, solution and gels; 2) interfacial equilibrium and dynamic phenomena of amphiphiles including polymeric amphiphiles ; 3) biomedical applications of surface functionalized polymeric materials; 4) organic-inorganic composites for biocompatible uses.

Awards and Honors

Kobunshi Koseki Sho Distinguished Services to Polymer Science Award, Society of Polymer Science-Japan (SPSJ) 1999
Langmuir Award, Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division of American Chemical Society 1999
Fellow, Korean Academy of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea 1998
Walter H. Stockmayer Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1998
Pharmacia Upjohn Award for Excellence Teaching of Chemistry 1998