MestreNova 14 Licenses

Please do not contact MestreLab about license issues. Researchers should contact NMR staff, and all undergrads contact the OrgLab staff, for questions and issues.

2021 Feb 24: We are using the current MNova 14.2 version.

MNova is supported on Windows, MacOSX (Leopard and newer), and Unix.

You must be connected to the Chemistry network or using WiscVPN during the installation, as well as the first time you use MestreNova. The license will be validated for 90 days; during that time, MNova will work using any (or no) network connection. But at least once each 90 days, you must reconnect through the Chemistry network or WiscVPN to revalidate the license for the next 90 days.

Installation instructions:

1. Download Mnova for Windows, MacOSX or Unix from the MestreLab site.

2. Run the downloaded setup program and install Mnova using the defaults.

3. Once setup is complete, run Mnova and use the Help menu and choose Get/Install Licenses...

4. Choose Install.

5. When asked to select a license file, use this file (Right click, Save As). Restart MNova now to activate the license.

6. We have additional licenses for MNova's qNMR and Reaction Monitoring plug-ins. Download the qNMR file and RxnM file, and perform the same steps as for the main license file to activate them.



1. Make sure you are connected to WiscVPN as noted above.

2. Clear your browser cache prior to downloading the license files. This will make sure you get the newest file.

3. If you get a message similar to "Microsoft.NET 2.0 is not installed on this PC ....", try the fix as described here.


2021 Feb 24