Heat and Enthalpy

Table of Contents
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In this module:
Heat and Temperature
Heat Capacity
Heat of Fusion
Heat of Vaporization
GOALS: When you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  • Explain how heat is a form of kinetic energy
  • Define heat of capacity and predict temperature changes in substances
  • Define heat of fusion and heat of vaporization and calculate the energy involved in phase changes
  • Explain the difference between energy and enthalpy

How much energy does it take to heat a room to 65 ºF in winter? How much energy does it take to boil the water you need to cook a dinner of macaroni and cheese?

To answer these and other similar questions you have to understand two specific kinds of energy: heat and enthalpy. This module will introduce you to heat and enthalpy and show you how they can be used to answer questions like the ones above.