• Glove Box

    Glove Box Lab

    Home to our element collection

    We have three glove boxes that contain an arc-melter, pellet press, and optical microscope for air-free preparations.

  • High Temp Furnace

    Furnace Lab


    We have ten high-temperature furnaces (max temperature range of 900-1800 °C) for precisely-timed annealing or flux synthesis.

  • Diffractometer Instrument

    X-ray Crystallography Lab

    Welcome to reciprocal space

    We have our own single-crystal x-ray diffractometer for measuring and solving the structures of new crystalline phases.

  • Thinking Space

    Library and Theory Lab

    Books, Coffee, and RAM

    We have two Xeon-core computers and sixty of our own parallel processors for developing new theoretical tools and running extended Hückel and DFT calculations.