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Brief Summary


Introduction and Legend The basic premise of the NeTorial application is explained along with a description of the various icons used.

Oxidation and Reduction

Oxidation and Reduction Oxidizing and reducing agents are defined. Common agents are described. Changes in oxidation states are used to follow simple chemical reactions.


Half-Reactions Solving net equations by manipulating half-reactions.

voltaic cells

Voltaic Cells The construction and operation of a voltaic cell.

voltaic cells

Cell Voltage A description of how a voltaic cell generates a potential with a spontaneous redox reaction.
standard cell potentials
Standard Cell Potentials Using the table of standard potentials to relate oxidation / reduction strength and to calculate cell potentials.

Batteries The construction and function of some common primary and secondary batteries.


Electrolytic Cells Cells that require an external power source to drive non-spontaneous reactions.

Gateway to Electrochemistry