Bruker AC/AM User's Guide (BUG)

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Step-by-Step Intro for Athena

BUG Table of Contents

    1. Title page, Detailed Table of Contents, and
      Facility Description

    2. Bruker AC Acquisition Basics
      Pulse Sequence Description; Deuterium Lock; Shimming; Acquisition Parameters
    3. Introduction to AC+ Spectrometers
      Locking and Shimming with the SCM; Job Files and Lock Power; Data Collection;
      File Transfer: NMRLINK; Departure; Adjusting for SW and O1;
      Spectra Showing Folding of Deshielded Proton; Caveats

    4. Primers for Areas of Common Interest
    5. AM/AC Spectrometer Software
      ADAKOS (Aspect Disk And Keyboard Operating System)
        Control Keys and System Commands; Files in DISNMR
        Common Acquisition Commands
        Common Pulse Sequence Commands and Parameters
        Common Data Processing Commands; Common EP Commands
      Plotting with DISNMR
    6. 2nd Order Shimming and High Resolution Check-Out
      2nd Order Lock Shimming (Match Tuning) on Z2;
      High Resolution Check-Out:
        FID shimming; window set-up and acquisition;
        lorentzian to gaussian line shape transformation
        resolution enhancement
    7. Saving Group-Specific Jobfiles, Shim Files, etc.
    8. Variable Temperature Measurements
    9. HOMODEC on AM/AC Spectrometers
    10. 1H Spin-Lattice Relaxation, T1
    11. 1D NOE Measurements
    12. Homonuclear COSY
    13. 31P and 19F Measurments on Athena (C636 HW handout)
    14. X-Nucleus Decoupling on Athena (AC-300a)
    15. Heteronuclear Correlation on AM/AC Consoles
    16. NOESY
    17. Polarization Transfer Experiments (INEPT and DEPT)
    18. AM/AC Automation Sequence Listings


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