Class Notes for Chem 636 (fall 2014): Intro to NMR spectroscopy


Lectures are Tuesdays at 8:50am in rm. 2311

    1. Sept 2 - Introduction to Chem 636
      Grading & Miscellaneous Info

    2. Sept 9 - Introduction to 1D NMR
      Lec Notes

    3. Sept 16 - Shims, pulse programs, and stuff
      Lec Notes

    4. Sept 23 - Rf, nutations, rotating frame, digitization
      Lec Notes,   nutations+T1 ,   rg clipping example

    5. Sept 30 - digitization, signal-to-noise, NOE
      Lec Notes,   energy level diagrams for NOE

    6. Oct 7 - Spin-echoes, PT (INEPT)
      Lec Notes,  spin echoes,  pulse sequence and enery level diagrams for PT

    7. Oct 14 - PT conclusion
      Lec Notes,  nicotine 13C coupled,  pulse sequence and enery level diagrams for PT

    8. Oct 21 - 2D Intro
      2D Intro,  quinine example,  COSY

    9. Oct 28 - review midterm exam, finish 2D Intro (COSY)
      2D Intro was update 28Oct2014 

    10. Nov 4 - 2D cosy tocsy
      Outline: s/n (end of 2D Intro), cosy schematic, lr-cosy example

    11. Nov 11 - Tocsy, Heteronuc correlation, Assignments and Publishing
      Outline: tocsy schematic, tocsy example
      , quinine example, heteronuclear cosy
    12. Nov 18 - 2D assignment example - quinine
    13. Nov 25 - Tocsy-1D, Intro to NOEs
      Outline: 3-heptanone tocsy example, oligosaccharide tocsy example
      , Intro to NOEs 
    14. Dec 2 - NOEs and ROEs
      Examples: methyl lacone, A08&A11
      ; Concepts: Intro to NOEs , heteronuclear cosy

Homework Assignments

HW#1: Processing 1D NMR data using MNova

HW#2: 1H 1D NMR using a Bruker AC-300 (Athena)

HW#3: 1H 1D NMR using a Bruker Avance-400 (Artemis) running TopSpin3.2

HW#4: Spectral Windows and 13C Decoupled and Coupled Spectra (Persephone, Av500P)

HW#5: 13C Polarization Transfer (PT) Spectra (Callisto, Av500DCH)

HW#6: X-Nucleus NMR: 19F, 31P, and 119Sn

HW#7: Automation: IconNMR and VNMRJ

HW#8: 2D NMR: Homonuclear correlation, COSY

HW#9: 2D NMR: TOCSY, HSQC; assignments
HW#10: 2D NMR: HMBC, assignments, publishing NMR data
HW#11: T1 measurements; Selective 1D: Tocsy-1d
HW#12: Selective 1D: Noesy-1d and Roesy-1d


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